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Effective Text Annotation Services

With us, you can obtain the highest quality of analyzed data for your text classification models. We allocate experts and dedicated teams of annotators experienced in quality text annotation solutions for Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML) and Speech Recognition. We have access to a large worldwide pool of talented text annotation experts. 

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Cost saving

We offer all the right tools so you can save valuable money on trying to invest in in-house resources.

A scalable workforce

Our flexible workforce can instantly and accurately support sudden volume changes in your business.

Reasons to Hire Remote Text Annotation Experts

Enhanced data security

Our team goes out of its way to protect your business confidentiality and its vulnerable and sensitive data.

Save time

No need to train your in-house team or spend time sourcing talent, we save valuable time by scouting the right resources.

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Quality project management

With us, you get fast and helpful feedback and support from knowledgeable and dedicated teams.

High-Accuracy Text Tagging Services We Offer

Sentiment analysis icon

Sentiment analysis

Having accurately labeled data is important to getting any text mining semantic analysis system to work, so we provide effective sentiment data analysis services that utilize deep learning and big data to gain the best results.

Intent analysis

Intent analysis

We offer intent analysis services that involve the process of identifying the underlying purpose behind any user-generated content or text in social networks. This service helps users to understand searchers' intent through contextual meaning and tone analysis.

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Natural language processing (NLP)

Our NLP text annotation service is a subfield of computer science and AI that is concerned with the interactions between human language and computers, specifically how to program computers to process large amounts of natural language data.

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Named entity recognition (NER)

This is text annotation services that use a semantic information extraction technique to locate and categorize relevant and appropriate entity data from a text at scale. It is a named entity recognition service that seeks to locate and classify named entities.

Entity classification icon

Entity classification

Entity annotation is generally used for creating datasets for annotation NLP training, chatbot training, etc. We offer NLP annotation services that involve the annotation of named entities in a text, including the name of persons, organizations, locations, different facilities and events. This is known as entity annotation.

Industries Where Text Annotation Can Be Used

medical ai

Medical AI

Visual data plays an important role in guiding diagnosis and treatment. It appears from different imaging modes such as CT, MRI, X-Rays, etc. Text annotation can help enhance the precision of diagnosis and treatment.



Text and PDF tagging services can help legal firms save time and be more accurate by automating heavy manual processes with excellent, high-performing models.



Text tagging machine learning solutions can be used to organize extensive sets of finance datasets into insights to enhance customer experience.



With government-related tasks, tagging PDF documents services can be used to understand the sentiment, assist with policy-making and identify any security leaks.



With the right annotation text services, websites can improve customer service and experience by knowing the type of items customers would like and automating certain check-out processes.



Text annotation machine learning of insurance data can help insurance firms detect current market fluctuations and offer accurate recommendations to their clients.

social media

Social Media

Text data annotation can help companies make better use of social media engagement and focus on user emotions and opinions affecting their products, brands or services.



Effective online text annotation can help machine learning models learn new concepts, which is a great way to help chatbots effortlessly assist customers automatically.

product marketing

Product Marketing

With annotation services, important data such as performance insights can be sourced and used to improve marketing efforts.

Reasons to Outsource Text Annotation to Us

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Affordable rates

Working with us, you don't have to source in-house talent and buy in-house hardware or software. Our text annotation outsourcing services bring everything to you, saving you valuable capital.

Quality services

We source only the best talent, ensuring all the services they offer are of excellent quality. In turn, this helps you stand out among competitors by investing in quality solutions.

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Easy scalability

Want to grow your business fast? By partnering with us and using our outsource text annotation services, you can scale your business up or down fast and effectively by hiring talent only when you need it.

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Excellent support

We work with you every step of the way, ensuring your text labeling queries and questions are answered on time. We also make sure any issues are resolved as soon as possible.

Top Skills for Any Text Annotation Expert

If you’re looking to hire a semantic text analysis specialist for your business, there are certain key skills to look out for. Some of the hard skills when tagging text includes:

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Analytical skills

Able to analyze all sets of data

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AI and ML programming

Able to assist with AI and ML models.

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Working with patterns

Able to easily detect and analyze patterns

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Support if metadata

Able to automatically feed to downstream systems.

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Proficient computer skills

Strong understanding of computer use.

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